Framework Realty Advisors provides a range of Seniors Housing Advisory Services:

  • Sales & Acquisitions of properties and portfolios
  • Equity Capital Sourcing
  • Business and Financial Consulting
  • Valuation and Financial Analysis


FRA works with all types of industry participants including:

  • Owners, Operators and Developers
  • Public and Private REITs
  • Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, and Tax Credit Syndicators
  • Investment Funds and Family Offices
  • Seniors Housing Lenders and other Financial Institutions
  • Core investors and Value-Add Investors


FRA adheres to a very deliberate methodology by:

  • Employing a thorough underwriting approach with the most granular and sophisticated metrics
  • Factoring in all variables and using the most credible sources for sales, rent, and expense comparison analysis
  • Maximizing value by utilizing only the top-tier sales comparable set and creating vigorous competition among prospective buyers

  • Taking a collaborative and transparent approach, incorporating client input on the nuances of the property and the local market

  • Highlighting the strengths and isolating the weaknesses of a property in order to create the most effective and appealing offering

  • Engaging industry leading debt and equity professionals (“Trusted Advisors”) to validate FRA valuations and avoid re-trades or other complications during a transaction